Student Transport and Bus Routes

Bus Timetables

School Bus Service

Kaiapoi High School runs a combined school bus service with Kaiapoi primary schools, operated by Go Bus. Please check the route maps to find your closest bus route. 

Students who live more than 4.8km from the school may qualify for free or subsidised travel. View this flowchart to find out if you may be eligible. 

Students are expected to be at the bus stop five minutes early. Pick-up times are indicative only, and sometimes the bus might be held up by roadworks or traffic.

Download Bus Eligibility Flow Chart

Cars and Cycles

Students are welcome to bring their own car or motorcycle to school, provided they have the required driver’s license. Due to pressure on parking spaces on school grounds, students’ cars must be parked on the road.

Students are welcome to cycle to school, and we have plenty of bicycle stands on the school grounds.  We recommend that all bicycles are locked.  Bicycles may not be ridden inside the school grounds, except along the approved accessways, and all cyclists must wear an approved helmet. Scooters and skateboards may also be ridden to school.  We recommend scooters are secured to bike stands.  A storage box is available at the office to store skateboards during the school day.