General Information


Roll checks are a regular part of every period.  If you are away from school, your parent or caregiver will have to let us know.  Our preferred method for whānau to let us know you’re away is to use the School App. 

If you are marked as absent and no explanation has been given, your whānau will be contacted by the school office.

Do your parents or caregivers need a hand with the App?  You can point them towards the download here – DOWNLOAD APP


Students may not leave the school grounds during the day, including at lunchtime, without permission. This includes going out to buy lunch, so please make sure to bring your lunch or buy something from the Canteen.

If you need to leave school for an appointment please make sure your parent or caregiver lets the school office know.  When it is time to leave for your appointment, come to the ‘Student Slide’ entrance of the main office and let the staff there know that it is time for you to go, and they can confirm that it is okay and sign you out.


All students are expected to be inside the school gates and on their way to class by 8.55am. Class hours are 9am – 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, first period starts at 8.55am and last period finishes at 2.25pm so that our sports teams can compete against other schools.


You are expected to look after your own property, as well as that of others. 

If you damage or lose a textbook or school library book, there will be a charge to repair or replace the item. If you wilfully damage school property or another student’s property, you will be expected to meet the full cost of repair or replacement. 

If you accidentally damage school property, there may be a charge to repair or replace the damaged item. This will depend on your involvement in causing the damage.


For our junior levels (Year 9 and 10) mobile phones are not permitted to be used within classrooms. Therefore, classrooms will be phone-free zones. Students can have phones in their bags turned off or on silent. However, they must remain ‘invisible’ during class time.

Senior students (Years 11-13) will be allowed limited use of mobile phones in class. Senior use of phones in class is only with explicit permission from a teacher, and only when being used as a tool to support their learning.


After a student-led consultation, the student body decided on two key elements to the uniform:

  •         A uniform that reflected the pride that they have in their school
  •         One single uniform that would be flexible, dependent on the weather

The same uniform is worn all year round. During the winter months, a white thermal can be worn under the blouse/shirt.  Hoodies are not part of our uniform and if you wear one you will be asked to take it off.

Sports uniforms are provided by the school and returned at the end of each game. There is no Physical Education uniform, simply wear appropriate sports clothes.

All students can pick and choose what part of the uniform they would like to wear as there is no specific gendered uniform

Choose from the following list:

  • Short Sleeve Blouse
  • Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Navy Zip Cardigan
  • Navy Jersey
  • White Thermals
  • Pleated Skirt
  • Black Trousers
  • Navy Shorts
  • Soft Shell Jacket (optional)
  • Blazers are optional and must be ordered through the school office
  • Black socks – short or up to calf length
  • Footwear is required to be fully black, closed-toe shoes. No high tops or boots allowed.

In addition, further items can be purchased from the school canteen once a student begins at Kaiapoi High School.  

KHS Beanies $10

Caps $15

Bucket Hats $15

Scarves $5

Hair and piercings 

Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate, and hair must be a  natural colour. Long hair must be tied back for safety and hygiene purposes in some rooms, like the science labs, food room and technology rooms.  Ear piercings are allowed.