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Term 1 2022

Latest Covid-19 Update from the Principal, 10 June 2022

Our current status:

Since March we have had high absence rates due to Covid-19.  Over the last 3 weeks this has also been coupled with high absence rates due to various winter ailments.  On some days we have struggled to staff our school, and our students are constantly being supported by teachers who are not their own teachers and lack the specialist curriculum knowledge, and the relationship that students develop with their own teacher.

Our plan:

Students will be moving to learning from home each Friday until the end of this term.  There are a number of reasons for this, and most importantly we want to better support our staff and students’ well-being.

For each Friday this term, our students will have work set for all their classes on Google Classroom.  We expect our students to be at home to complete this work.  I have listed some key points about how this will function, which should be able to answer any questions you may have:

  • Any student who cannot work from home can still come to school and will be supported by a teacher in our learning spaces.
  • Dual-enrolled students, and students on our Building Course, will continue on their 'sites' as normal.
  • Any students involved in off-site trips already booked on a Friday this term will be expected to still go on the trip.
  • External assessments will still happen with students coming on-site to sit them, and staff will be available to offer classrooms for students who need to stay all day for their bus ride home.  This may affect a number of Year 10 and senior students sitting the new Literacy and Numeracy Standards.
  • There is the opportunity for teachers to request students to come in for tutorials.  This is a decision for teachers to make on a needs basis.
  • All Friday sport is still on eg. Friday night basketball.
  • Our school office will remain open.
  • Our health clinic and counsellors are available for students to make appointments.
  • Any student who does come to school on a Friday will be required to wear school uniform.

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