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Our Uniform

To facilitate the easier purchase of our school uniform, we have transitioned from an exclusively online platform to a convenient physical store in Rangiora, The U Shop. This now provides parents and caregivers with the ability to shop in-store for their child’s uniform.

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General information on our uniform:

After a student-led consultation, the student body decided on two key elements to the uniform:

  •         A uniform that reflected the pride that they have in their school
  •         One single uniform that would be flexible, dependent on the weather

All students can pick and choose what part of the uniform they would like to wear as there is no specific gendered uniform. Our uniform is compulsory for all students, and must also be worn to and from school.

Our students wear the same uniform all year round. During the winter months, a white thermal can be worn under the blouse/shirt.  Hoodies are not part of our uniform.

Please choose from the following list:

Short Sleeve Blouse

Short Sleeve Shirt

Zip Cardigan


White Thermal

Pleated Skirt




Softshell Jacket

Blazer (optional) 

Footwear is required to be fully black, closed-toe shoes with no markings or white soles. No high tops or boots allowed. It is not a requirement to purchase footwear from The U Shop.

Black socks – short or up to calf length

Black stockings

In addition, further items can be purchased from the school canteen once a student begins at Kaiapoi High School:

KHS Beanies $10  Caps $15  Bucket Hats $15

Sports Uniform

Sport uniforms are provided by the school and returned at the end of each game. There is no Physical Education uniform, the students are simply required to wear appropriate sports clothes.

Hair and piercings

Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate, and hair must be a natural colour. Long hair must be tied back for safety and hygiene purposes in some rooms, like the science labs, food room and technology rooms.  Ear piercings are allowed.

Emergency lockdown in place. Update to follow.