General Information

This is where you’ll find all the day-to-day information you need while your child is learning at KHS. If you have any questions, please contact the school office on 03 375 5004.


Roll checks are a regular part of every period.  If your child is away from school, the school office must be notified. 

If your child is marked as absent and no explanation has been given, we will contact you.

If there is no explanation for a student’s absence, their attendance is recorded as a question mark (? – Unexplained Absence) for a period of 10 days, after which it changes to T (Truant) in our system.  These are Ministry of Education codes as our attendance is a legal record provided to the Ministry of Education.

When letting us know about your child’s absence please be as accurate as possible so we can assign the correct attendance code to match the situation.

Parent Portal
You can view your child’s attendance in real time using our Parent Portal.  

Attendance on reports

Every second friday we send reports to you outlining your student’s previous fortnight at school.  Part of this reporting is to show you your child’s attendance rate.  

Need to talk to us?

We want our students to be engaged and actively involved in school.  If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance please contact their Tutor Teacher and they will organise a time to talk with you.


Our preferred method for whānau to notify us about absences is to use the School App.  Simply click on the ‘Absentee’ icon and choose to either phone the office or email.  

If you email using the App, your details will be remembered for next time, making it a quick and easy process.  If you have more than one child with us, it is easy to change between them.

Download our App – SchoolAppsNZ

Follow this link to download the app – DOWNLOAD APP

It will take you to a page where you enter the school’s name, and it will walk you through it.


School Property

Students are expected to look after their own property, as well as that of others.

If a student damages or loses a textbook or school library book, there will be a charge to repair or replace the item.  If a student willfully damages school property or another student’s property, they will be expected to meet the full cost of repair or replacement.

If school property is accidentally damaged, the extent of any charge will depend on the student’s share of the blame for that damage.

Mobile Phones

For our junior levels (Year 9 and 10) mobile phones are not permitted to be used within classrooms. Therefore, classrooms will be phone-free zones. Students can have phones in their bags turned off or on silent. However, they must remain ‘invisible’ during class time.

Senior students (Years 11-13) will be allowed limited use of mobile phones in class. Senior use of phones in class is only with explicit permission from a teacher, and only when being used as a tool to support their learning.



The library is open every school day from 8.30, and students are welcome to use the library to study during interval and lunchtime. 

Students can reserve library books online and can borrow up to five books for two weeks at a time. If a student hasn’t finished using the book by the due date, they can bring it into the library to be renewed.

The Library also has eight networked computers available for student use, and a large printer/photocopier. Students will be required to sign a cybersafety agreement before using the library computers.

Every student has a log in for the library – please encourage them to use the link below.



The KHS Parent Teachers Association organises a range of fundraisers throughout the year, including our very popular Quiz Night. The PTA has also worked hard to secure some great funding opportunities through local businesses – please support them when you can!

Current Fundraisers

> Shop at Warehouse Stationery
When shopping at Warehouse Stationery, if you mention Kaiapoi High School, then 5% of your purchases will go back to our school. 

> Visit CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen 

When visiting CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen, Kaiapoi High School will earn 10% from every dollar spent (on full-price items). All you have to do is ask the staff at CBK to add your points to Kaiapoi High School’s account.