The School Canteen operates daily during term time, with a wide variety of lunch and snack options. 

Bring your best manners and either cash or EFTPOS card to grab yourself some breakfast, morning tea or lunch.

Sushi orders can also be placed before 9.30am, so call in to the school canteen before school to make sure you get your order in.  Your food will be held at the canteen until you pick it up at either interval or lunchtime.

Canteen Price List 2022



Hot Chocolate & 1 slice Toast (Vegemite or Jam) $2.50
Hot Chocolate $2.50
Extra Toast $0.30
Up and Go $3.00

Interval and Lunch

Pizza  $3.00
Bread Roll (Chicken or Ham) $3.00
Dagwood Sandwiches (Chicken or Ham) $3.50
Cheese Rolls $1.50
Garlic Split $2.50
Cup of Noodles $3.00
Mince Pies $4.00
Sausage Rolls $3.00
Sweet Chilli Chicken Roll $4.00
Toasted Satay Chicken Panini $4.00
Spaghetti and Cheese Toasties $2.50
Lasagne Topper $3.00
Sushi – Teriyaki Chicken Mini Rice Ball $4.00
- Teriyaki Chicken on Rice pack $7.00
Other fillings available to order
Choc Chip Waffles – single $1.00
Variety of Cakes and Slices $3.00
Cookie Times Biscuit $1.00
Potato Chips $2.00
Popcorn $1.50
Doritos, Grainwaves $2.50
Moosies $1.50
Juicies $1.00

Variety of drinks, juices and icecreams