Sports at KHS

There is something for everyone here.  From surfing to archery, we offer Kaiapoi High School students the opportunity to try their hand at new things and develop a passion for sports.  We hold annual Sports Awards to celebrate our students' hard work and dedication.

There are a wide range of sporting opportunities available throughout the year; from weekly interschool sports played on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to interschool Championships.  Depending on the sport, there may be the option to compete at the Summer & Winter Tournament weeks. 


Summer sports

Canoe Polo - Wednesday Sport interschool competition at Lake Roto Kohatu
Dragon Boating - Wednesday - Training Kaiapoi River to build up to the Regatta
Football Indoor - Wednesday interschool competition
Hockey (6-a-side) - Wednesday interschool competition
Surfing - Wednesday competition - North Beach
Swimming - Interschool Championships
Triathlon - Interschool Championships
Waka Ama - Training Lyttelton build up to the Regatta 

Summer Tournament Week Sports
- Cure Rowing Club Kaiapoi
Softball - Wednesday interschool competition
Tennis - Wednesday interschool competition
Touch Rugby - Wednesday interschool competition
Volleyball - Monday interschool competition

Winters sports

Badminton - Wednesday interschool competition
Cross-country - Interschool Championships
Pool - Wednesday - Kaiapoi Working Mens’ club
Table Tennis - Wednesday interschool competition
Ski/Snowboard - Canterbury Champs

Winter Tournament Week Sports
Rugby League - Interschool Competition
• Wednesday interschool Girls
• Saturday - Club Competition
Hockey - Wednesday interschool competition
• Wednesday interschool competition
• Saturday - Club Competition
• Tuesday Senior A teams Thompson Whelan Trophy  interschool competition
• Friday - Interschool competition
• Saturday - Club Competition

All year sports

Archery - Thursdays - KHS backfield
Small Bore Shooting - Wednesdays - Mainpower Oval
Equestrian - Competitions throughout the year 
Gymnastics - Competitions throughout the year
Korfball - Friday Interschool competition
Cycling/Road Race - Championships throughout the year
Mountainbiking - Championships throughout the year


We would love to hear about and celebrate your success and achievements.  If what you are interested in is not on the list please see the Sports Office.