Our Facilities

Our Modern Learning Spaces

We are proud to offer first-class learning spaces that build a sense of pride in the school and give our staff and students every opportunity to engage in their learning journey. 

Our impressive auditorium has full drama and music facilities, and the accompanying music suite includes an electronic keyboard laboratory and practice and recording studios. This complex is regularly used for meetings, concerts and stage shows. 

Our modern gymnasium is fully equipped for indoor sports, fitness and weight training. The KHS sports fields include a permanent cricket wicket and nets, rugby, soccer and hockey pitches, and floodlit tennis and netball courts. A community initiative saw the building of a multi-disciplinary sports pavilion. Together these form a first-class sports complex.


Designing Kaiapoi High School

At the start of 2017, Kaiapoi High School entered the construction phase of the Greater Christchurch Schools’ Rebuild programme. For two years before this, the design team developed a master plan that integrated the school’s learner vision and school vision into one teaching and learning design principle.

The design principle was based on creating a set of buildings that allowed the maximum amount of flexibility for our staff and students. The design team decided not to fully embrace the open learning style that was popular at the time, but rather create a space that would be used on a needs basis. Whilst the buildings have an open central spine for student social and breakout spaces, classrooms surround this spine and are made up of both single and double spaces.  This combination of classrooms has allowed opportunities for collaboration, as well as more traditional single teacher instruction.

The two new teaching and learning blocks were completed at the start of 2018, followed by the construction of the school’s second gymnasium in 2019. This gymnasium was built in collaboration with the Waimakariri Council, to be used in conjunction with the local community.

Our key principles included:


Flexibility of spaces to enhance teaching and learning opportunities


Facilitation of connection between and within faculties


Encouraging and enhance opportunities to collaborate and co-locate


Building a sense of pride in the school environment


Provision of the most up-to-date technology


Allowing students to learn at their own pace under the direction of their teachers


Building on the positive relationships that are both encouraged and modelled within the school


Encouraging student ownership of their learning environment


House-based rather than faculty-based teaching and learning blocks, to encourage a pastoral-based approach to wellbeing.

Hireable Spaces

We have a range of modern, multifunctional spaces available for hire, and enjoy sharing these with our local community. 

Auditorium and Gymnasiums

To enquire about hiring these spaces, contact Jo McCurrie: