School Uniform

The School uniform is compulsory for all students. It is the responsibility of parents/caregivers to ensure that clothing items bought for school wear do in fact meet the uniform regulations.  

The sole supplier of the new Kaiapoi High School uniform is Argyle Schoolwear Ltd. New uniform items can ONLY be bought online at https://www.argyleonline.co.nz/shop/south-island/kaiapoi-high-school. There are uniform samples at the school office for sizing purposes.

Blazers are optional and must be ordered through the school office.  

All items must be clearly named. Students must wear the correct uniform at school and when moving to or from school. Requests from parents/caregivers for children to temporarily wear non-uniform items, due to unforeseen circumstances, should go to the Assistant Principals or Deputy Principal, who will endeavour to provide a temporary replacement item or may issue an exemption.

Students playing in school teams and groups are required to wear the correct uniform for that team. In some rooms including science laboratories, the foods room and technology rooms, safety and hygiene factors may require long hair to be tied back. Extreme hair styles are not appropriate and hair must be natural colours.


Headwear:  The canteen has KHS beanies for sale for $9, caps for $14 and bucket hats for $14.  No other caps or hats are permitted.

Other Information


The sole supplier of the new Kaiapoi High School uniform is Argyle Schoolwear Ltd.  With the exception of socks, all new uniform items can ONLY be bought online at https://www.argyleonline.co.nz/shop/south-island/kaiapoi-high-school.

Information can be obtained from the School office.

Any parent encountering difficulties in obtaining a correct school uniform should discuss the problem with the Principal or Counsellor.

There is no second-hand uniform service available.



The School Student Council holds occasional mufti days when students may wear mufti if they pay for the privilege. Money raised this way supports the projects of the Student Council.


The only jewellery acceptable with the School uniform is: a Medic-Alert bracelet, one pair of small ear studs or sleepers (one earring per ear), one fine neck chain or pendant. Other body piercings, including nose, tongue, chin or eyebrow stud, are not permitted for safety reasons.

All boys, from Year 9 through Year 13, are required to be clean-shaven.

The School reserves the right to require modification of extreme hair styles or unnatural hair colour.

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