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Automotive Introductory Skills is suitable for students who wish to explore a career in the Automotive industry.  It focuses on theory units about the industry, including safe driving, driver licences and some basic practical skills, such as wheel changing and pre-drive checks.  Students also complete a CV and take part in work experience placements.


Topics covered in Skills for Living are:

  • Produce a Plan for Future directions.
  • Protect Health and Safety in the Work Place.
  • Complete a Work Experience placement.
  • Produce a Targeted Resume.
  • Obtain Job Search Skills.
  • Participate in a Predictable Interview.
  • Demonstrate group and personal skills through adventure based learning.
  • Identify rights and responsibilities in relation to owning and operating a motor vehicle.
  • Manage own career development.
  • Describe the employment relationship and the application of employment law to that relationship.
  • Exercise informed choice in deciding on a major goods or service purchase.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of stress and ways of dealing with it.

These other topics may be added as appropriate to individual student needs:

  • Explore Career Options relevant to an area of learning and explore their implications for oneself.
  • Start work in a new workplace.
  • Recognize Sexual Harassment and describe ways of dealing with it.


Gateway offers Kaiapoi High School Year 12 and 13 students structured workplace learning across many industries and businesses in our local communities. Students pursue individual learning programmes, which allow them to gain new skills and knowledge in the workplace. Students are assessed in the workplace for unit standards that contribute to the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), as well as industry-specific qualifications. Gateway students spend 10 to 15 days at a work placement during the year.

Students work independently in Gateway class time, completing the Gateway programme work and assessments, career and employment work and assessments or complete other subject work missed through being out on placement. 





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