School Hours

All students are expected to be inside the school gates by the time the warning bell rings at 8.55am. Period 1 begins at 9.00am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and on 8.55am on a Wednesday. Late arrival to school or to class is unacceptable.  On Wednesdays, lessons end at 2:25pm so that sports teams may compete against other schools. On other days lessons finish at 3:00pm.

Absence From School

Roll checks are a regular part of every period of the day. Kaiapoi High School signals student absence to parents/caregivers by email.

If a child is marked absent with no known reason then an email will automatically be sent at 12noon and again at 3.30pm. If the reason for the absence is known, eg. medical, the parent or caregiver needs to reply to that email, send a note in with their child the next day or phone the school office on 375.5004.

Students may not leave the school grounds during the day, including at lunchtime, without permission.

The parent portal on the Home page is always open and updated for parents/caregivers to view their child’s attendance at any time.

Leaving The School Grounds: Appointments

When leaving school any time during the day students are required to sign out at school office. This is for safety reasons. Appointments in school time require a note from parents or the appointment card. Where possible, please try to arrange dental or doctor’s appointments out of school hours.


As lunchtime is only 30 minutes, no student has permission to leave the grounds to buy lunch. Students are expected to have lunch at school. In the case of special circumstances a lunch pass can be negotiated with the Principal. The school canteen has a variety of goods for purchase at interval and lunchtime. Healthy eating is an important focus for the school.

School Leaving Procedure

The school office must be notified on 375.5004 if a student is leaving Kaiapoi High School for any reason. This includes students that leave at the end of the year. A leaving form is then printed for the student to get signed off by their teachers. All outstanding fees must be paid and all textbooks and library books returned. A leaving certificate will be issued to those students entering the workforce or tertiary education.

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