Student Testimonials

Yukihiro Akutsu (from Japan):

Hello Everybody,

After graduating, my dream is to become a bridge between Japan and other countries, creating more understanding of different cultures, therefore I could look at positions such as a Diplomat or International Relations Officer. 

I know that the knowledge gained through my studies will give me many more opportunities to explore different career options and opportunities to touch other cultures.

In Japan many people are unaware of things that don’t concern their country. This fact keeps people from opening up and understanding other cultures. I only realized this when I came to Kaiapoi High School to do my studies, how small my world actually was in Japan. Coming to New Zealand has given me the passion and driven me to focus on ways that I can open up the world to Japan. Without my studying in New Zealand this career path would not have been something I would have thought of, but studying outside of Japan has made me think how to live as a world-wide citizen.  Also, I respect Ms Gath, who works as the International Coordinator at Kaiapoi High School.

Yukihiro (1)



Claire-Edmée Jardin (from France):

Hi Everyone,

This is my testimony of my experience of Kaiapoi High School. 

The school is very welcoming, the staff and the students are open-minded. Classes are different compared to France, but difference is not a bad thing. It was a great experience to discover school in another country. There are activities that we could never have in our country. It was such an amazing trip, even if I stayed just one month. 

French  ⇩

Cette école est très accueillante, le personnel et les étudiants ont l’esprit ouvert. Les cours sont différents qu’en France mais la différence n’est pas une mauvaise chose. C’est une expérience géniale de découvrir l’école dans un autre pays. Il y a des activités que jamais nous aurions pu faire dans notre pays. C’est un voyage incroyable même si je ne suis restée qu’un mois.

Thank you for your welcome.




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