Student Testimonials

Frederik Busch – Germany (Sept 2018) 

I’m from Hamburg, Germany and I am in New Zealand for a half year. I really like Kaiapoi high school because since the first day all students and teachers were very nice to me. I was warmly welcomed. You have a great choice of different subjects and they all have great equipment and good opportunities to go on trips. For example: I went with my outdoor education class abseiling and climbing.

But you don’t only go on trips with your classes, you go on a few trips with the international students, they include a trip to the Antarctic center, a ski trip and a trip on a farm. All of them are very interesting and a lot of fun.

Hikari Nakashima – Japan (Sept 2018)

I’m from Japan and stayed in New Zealand for one year. I’m enjoying this stay because I had so many experiences and I’ve got many good friends who are really kind. I enjoy school because I’m doing subjects I never done before such as Hospitality. It is fun and I like being in ‘chef’ uniform. It makes me feel like a real chef! I also like geography class. I struggled at first with content but my Teacher was kind and my friends helped me and I got so much confidence. I like the trips we do one day or three days which makes me closer to my friends. International department also has exciting trips and I have joined many sports groups. This school has lots of variety and you do what you want so it is an awesome experience.

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