Proposed New Uniform

Proposed New Uniform for Kaiapoi High School

In 2014 our Student Council instigated a uniform review. The overwhelming comments from students were that they wanted to feel proud of their school and that the current uniform did not reflect the feeling they had. Blazers were at the top of their desires, as well as other items, such as dresses, skirts and a jersey/cardigan.

The following are photos of the proposed uniform, being modelled by our Head Girl and Head Boy. We are currently seeking feedback from our community so that we can progress with the uniform for our Year 9s in 2016. Any student will be able to wear the new uniform in 2016, as long as they do so in its entirety.  This includes Year 13 students.

Nerissa has the new skirt, blouse, and cardigan. She is wearing tights due to the cold weather (there will be no kilt). She is wearing both the plain and striped option blazer (one will be chosen).

Tom has black pants, white shirt, jersey and the striped blazer (again, one will be chosen for the boys).

If you would like to take the survey, please click on the link below:

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