A wide range of academic courses is offered from Year 9 to Year 13 (pre-university). Courses of study prepare students for national qualifications including entrance for New Zealand and overseas universities. Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential. Specialist courses in Outdoor Education and Hospitality exist at senior levels.  

The School is nationally recognised for excellence in its Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Education and Leadership and Physical Education programmes.  Camps, practical studies and outdoor adventure activities make use of a mountain lodge in the Southern Alps.


This course provides opportunities for adventure and challenge through a supportive group environment, whilst developing an appreciation of the natural environment.  This course will be delivered in the classroom, local community and further afield, in areas such as the Southern Alps and the Hurunui District.

Other subjects in this field are: Outdoor Education Leadership, Physical Education & Sports Science, Sport Coaching, Health Science, Food & Nutrition.

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Snowboarding     Castle Hill          


This course is designed as an introduction to working in a commercial kitchen environment.  The programme will provide students with professional training in catering.  It is structured so that students learn practical skills and theory, along with knowledge of kitchen supervision and management, and develop an understanding of culinary theory.  Our approach in this subject is for students to be learning by planning, watching, practising and executing cookery in the commercial environment. We combine the classroom training with live operational kitchens and real customers as often as possible.

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The media is everywhere, feeding us fact and fantasy, ideas and information, truth and lies.  Its influence is profound.  Media Studies is the study of both the ‘traditional’ media (such as film, television and magazines) and the ‘newer’ media (such as the internet and electronic games).  Media Studies seeks to develop an informed and critical understanding of the ways in which the media influence social, political and economic areas of life, as well as the way they shape our perceptions, attitudes, desires and behavour.  

Other subjects in this field are: Media Studies and Film Production, Media Studies/Journalism, Sound & Recording, Photography.

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Extra-Curricular Programmes

Kaiapoi High School offers a full range of sports teams.  Students may take part in a number of sports, including athletics, golf, netball, badminton, tennis, football, dragon boating and skiing.  The School participates in inter-school competitions and New Zealand tournaments.  Music and cultural activities include bands, choirs, instrumental groups and kapa haka.  

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